What You'll Need

Our goal at Echo Mountain Audio is to help make each and every project build a success.  The user manual for each model has detailed instructions on exactly what's needed to build your crossovers and includes links to this page.

To build up any of our crossover boards, you'll need the tools/equipment listed below, at a minimum.  In case you don't have any of these items, we've provided links to the tried and true stuff we use on our workbench in our own builds (note: we aren't affiliated with any of the manufacturers of the products below, but we are part of the Amazon Associates program and may earn a small commission for qualifying purchases).

  • Soldering iron – The PACE ADS200 is excellent, made in the USA, and it's what we use. It heats up in a flash, and has a convenient "instant set back" stand (sold as an upgrade to the stock stand) to automatically lower the temperature when the iron is resting in the stand.
  • Eutectic (Sn63/Pb37) flux-core solder – not lead-free! We use Cardas solder.
  • Adhesive for staking large components (capacitors and inductors) to the PCB – we highly recommend Eclectic Products E6000 Clear adhesive. It's forgiving, easy to clean up, and is reworkable and easily removable if needed.  We do not recommend hot glue guns, as the glue becomes brittle even after a few short years (you'll likely notice when you inspect your vintage JBL crossovers that the large capacitors, etc. have separated from the now-brittle blobs of glue to which they were once attached).
  • Small, smooth-jaw (non-marring) pliers - the Hakko/CHP tools are great bang for the buck
  • Wire cutters - again, thumbs up for Hakko/CHP
  • Wire strippers - Klein Tools need no introduction, and these wire strippers are the best we've used to date
  • 9V batteries
  • 9V battery holder clips
  • 9V battery connectors with flying leads
  • De-soldering pump or solder wick, or both, for reworking bad solder joints (nobody's perfect!)
  • Zip ties - black ones, to match the boards (if you care about that sort of thing)

Additionally, there are a few other items that may be needed depending which crossover model you are building up (again, see your user manual for these specific details):