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Bi-amp Board Set for JBL 4300 Series 4-way Models

Bi-amp Board Set for JBL 4300 Series 4-way Models

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Bi-amp configurations only!

For full passive configurations, please purchase the Full Board Set.

If you've previously purchased the Bi-amp board set and want to convert your system to full passive, please purchase the Auxiliary Board Set.

Pair of high-quality printed circuit boards that allow owners of the legendary JBL 4300 Series 4-way Studio Monitors (or those who are building their own DIY clones) to upgrade their existing passive crossovers to modern standards using polypropylene film capacitors, air-core inductors, and the charge-coupling technique used by JBL in their ultra-high-end studio monitors such as the DD67000.

The Bi-amp board set comes with 2 main boards, supporting both full passive (single-amp) and bi-amp configurations.  Detailed PDF documentation is provided with purchase of the boards, which contains full parts lists for each of the supported systems, as well as instructions on how to assemble the boards and integrate them into your system.

Please check the list of supported speaker models below to ensure that your system is compatible with these boards.

Supported Models



2mm thickness for extra rigidity under the weight of the heavy crossover components

2oz copper plating for high ampacity and low trace resistance

Leaded HASL finish

Clearance holes for zip ties to hold inductors in place


12.75" x 9.25"

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